Will Apple ever sell iOS to another manufacturer?

Apple is one of the largest tech companies, with its headquarter located in California. The company is known in the entire tech market for its innovative computer software and electronics. Other than these, apple also provides online services to its customers. It started in 1976, and since then it has been ruling the technology industry. Apple is a definition of a company that has developed extraordinary standards and has become a symbol of quality in the niche it operates. This prominence is narrowed down in Apple’s mission and vision statements. A mission statement talks about the aims and objectives of a company.

This article tends to focus on the mission statement of Apple, linking it to the fact of how their objectives make it difficult to believe that Apple would sell ios to another manufacturer.

Apple’s mission statement

Apple mission statement is to give its customers the best experience via its innovative systems and electronics. In 2009 Tim Cook quoted, “We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products, and that’s not changing.” This shows the motivation of the establishment towards making its customers happy and creating products that no one can match.

In its 2018 annual report, Apple pointed out that they are committed to providing the best experience to its users. Making the right quality of products is not always enough. It is essential to keep customer satisfaction at the utmost priority. In order to achieve this, an establishment needs to make sure that not only their products but their services too should be those of their customer’s standards.

If we summaries Apple’s mission statement into three broad objectives, they will be the finest user experience, innovative hardware, and inventive software and services. Customers will only buy your new products if they feel that the products are different from the already existing ones. Apple always introduces a new product with a feature that is not there in any of its previous products. This innovation in systems and electronics attracts customers, and they spend money on purchasing those products. Apple has also integrated with hardware that increases the value and worth of their products. For example, an iPhone will not be the same without an App store in it.

A clear mission statement is essential to identify the most compatible stakeholders. Apple also uses its mission statement to fulfill this purpose.


From the above-mentioned information, it can be seen that it is quite challenging to say that Apple would sell iOS to any other manufacturer. Other than iPhone, there are 588 million Apple users throughout the world. And ensuring customer satisfaction in so many users is not an easy task, but Apple is doing it pretty well. It does not appear so that Apple would sell its company to someone else. This could result in loss of quality and reduced customer satisfaction because it cannot be assured that the other company would priorities quality and customer satisfaction to the same level as Apple. Hence, this could lead to a significant fall In Apple users leading to loss.

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