What’s The Difference Between Eyebrow Tint And Henna?

Due to the different innovations in the world of makeup, many new trends have emerged. One of the latest trends is the use of henna and eyebrows tint. Now you can purchase a henna brow kit and use it to make your eyebrows perfect. However, if you are new to the world of makeups, you may have some confusion about the differences between both of them. Many new users may mistake them both for the same thing. However, this is not the case. If you have some confusion about them, you are in the perfect place. This article is the only one that you need to read today to know all about the differences between eyebrow tints and henna.

What is eyebrow tint and henna?

It is essential to first tell you about the details of both the processes. Eye tinting refers to the application of different dyes to the eyebrows. There are several results that you can derive from doing so. For example, you can shape the eyebrows in whatever way you want. Also, there is a better definition of the eyebrows once you are done tinting them. The overall look of the eyebrows is even better after the eye tinting process.

On the other hand, using henna on the eyebrows is also for tinting. If you choose to use henna, you may have to re-apply the henna after every two weeks. It is because the color of the henna may fade.


The main difference between a regular eyebrow tint and a henna brow is that in a regular eyebrow tint, the tint only colors the skin at the surface, which lasts for a period of a few days. However, the henna color can stay on the surface of the skin for approximately two weeks. Such a treatment is highly recommended for you if you want to kick up your brow game as well as try out something different with a bolder brow since the color that henna gives you is quite intense than the prior.

Moreover, the natural color of tint stains the hair of the eyebrows which makes them look fuller as well as darker. The duration goes around two weeks and is quite useful for you if you are looking to add deeper color to your existing eyebrow hair. Henna will give you a fuller tint and will last longer than a pure eyebrow tint. Moreover, henna does not have any peroxide activators. The sheer eyebrow tint will provide you a natural look however it will not last as long as Henna. You can use a Henna brow kit if you want to go with Henna.


Now that you have all the necessary information and know the differences between Henna and an eyebrow tint, you can easily make an informed choice. You can better decide about what you require, depending upon your preference. It would help if you chose the option that you feel is most suitable for you. 

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