What Does Art Deco Styled Bedroom Look Like?

Have you ever asked yourself how an exotic looking bedroom looks like?  Do you have any imaginative ideas? Picture an exotic looking bedroom that when you walk into it you will be fascinated by everything in it. From the floor decor to the furniture, walls, lightings, and wall decors.

What makes an art deco-styled bedroom?

Elegant Guest Bedroom interior in Art Deco style in the private residence


The colors used are bold and unique. You might think of the colors of the rainbow but you are wrong. Interior designers come up with bold colors such as golden and bend them with softer colors such as cream and sky blue.

The color on the walls might blend with the colors on the furniture, curtains, or bedding. Other times, interior designers or owners go for different colors that blend and bring an elegant taste.



An exotic looking bedroom does not go for crowded furniture in the bedroom. The bed occupies a central space and all the attention is drawn to it. There is a chair that is fancy and occupies very minimal space. The side tables are unique and use materials same as the bed.

You might be thinking of the normal shapes of side tables but in the actual sense, the shapes are geometrical and can take zig-zag, trapezoid, or have pointed edges.

Most furniture in the room is made of dark and rare woods such as walnut.

Lighting fixtures

Art deco involves minimal lights that bring enough light into the bedroom. Most times, gypsum is installed with lightly colored recessed lights. If on the walls, they are well space wither on the corners or near the headboard.

Bedrooms with wall hanging paintings have a light above them that illuminates the decoration. Some people prefer to have colored lights while others opt for neutral colors.

Reflective items

Did you know mirrors make the room cool, larger and bring a shiny old look to the room? The use of curvy mirrors, reflective lamps, and table surfaces is handy in achieving a glamorous look. The colors of the room can be reflected on the images and bring out a colorful and lively room.

A mirror can cover a whole side of the wall especially if it is a side you face most times to give an illusion of a big space and bring more light to the room.

Design items

Items in the house can be used to bring out the desired theme. For example, an African look can be achieved through the use of earth colors and portraits from the African culture. For a sports look, one uses objects related to the intended sport and being placed in the room.

Unique objects such as animal elements can be used in the bedroom. For example, leopard printed carpet, ostrich feathers or bird sculptures can be handy when attaining a jungle look.

In conclusion, attaining an exotic look is not as hard but one has to be keen on the details and ensure the room is not crowded with bits of everything. Be unique, stand out, and make your bedroom feel out of the ordinary.


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