Warning Signs: How Your Body Signals that You’re Deficient in Vital Nutrients

Nutrients are the building blocks that prevent disease and are responsible for human development. With the critical role they play in the body, the body needs a constant supply of nutrients. A week or two of bad choices in diet will not lead to a deficiency. But spread over a longer period, this can create a deficiency in our bodies. While maintaining calorie intake it is important not to ignore the importance of consuming enough nutrients. Having the necessary nutrients has a huge effect on the overall well-being of our bodies.

Deficiencies can lead to digestion problems, defective bone growth, skin disorders, fatigue or weakness, slow healing of wounds sudden memory loss, or unexplained weight loss defective bone growth. If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact Glimja and get a nutrient supplement that works for you.

Fragile bones

Having fragile bones can be a sign of deficiency in vitamin D or calcium. Vitamin D is used to regulate calcium levels in the development of bones and teeth. A lack of this nutrient can lead to defective bone growth or osteoporosis (when bones break easily because they are porous and fragile). This can be solved by supplementing foods like milk or green leafy vegetables or having exposure to some sunlight.

Digestion problems

Consumption of fatty foods, for example, fried potatoes and burgers, can cause digestion problems as they are harder to process. If this poor eating habit is paired with a lack of exercise, it will be extremely hard to solve your gut problems. Eating a diet composed of apples, avocados and bananas might help your stomach.

Fatigue or weakness

This is what is commonly known as energy loss. It almost feels like you’re high at night then drowsy in the morning after a party. Snacks like crisps energy drinks and ice cream get you loaded with energy but expect a sudden crash. This is because these foods have high-calorie content but low water content. It is better if you replace them with water bananas seeds eggs and yogurt. Trust me you’ll be loaded for the day.

Poor memory

Deficiency in Omega-3 can lead to cognitive fatigue and poor memory retention. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are good sources of protein and fatty acids like omega-3 and vitamin B12. These help irons work better in your body.

Unexplained weight loss

This is an obvious sign especially when you are not actively pursuing it. Your body depends on major and minor nutrients 4 repairs and absorption. Without them, it will break down its reserves for emergency fuel. Also, it can be seen among alcohol addicts. Excessive consumption of booze reduces the ability of the body to absorb thiamine. This vitamin B1 deficiency can generate muscle loss and affect the heart.

Slow healing of wounds

Some wounds take longer than normal to heal, it could be a sign of zinc deficiency. Small bruises and cuts should not take longer than 2 weeks or 3 weeks to heal. Deeper and more severe injuries may take longer.

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