Is Charlotte a Big Airport?

The Charlotte Douglas International airport is situated in North Carolina. It is named after former Charlotte mayor Ben Elbert Douglas. It is ranked as one of the top ten busiest airports in the United States by passenger traffic and aircraft movement. The airport entertains about 1400 arrivals and departures each day, serving around 178 termini throughout the world. It is considered as the second largest fulcrum for all American Airlines after the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. The airport has four runways, three of which lie parallel to each other. Charlotte International airport, due to its traffic, plans on expanding and building a new track, which is planned out to be the longest runway for the particular airport.

Charlotte Airport

Transportation facilities available to the airport

A variety of means of transportation can be used to reach the airport. Taxis are commonly available and take about 15 to 18 minutes to reach downtown Charlotte. They are also conveniently accessible at the arrival and baggage claim terminal, making people more independent in terms of the conveyance.

People can also drive on their private cars as the charlotte airport parking rates are reasonable.
The airport also uses the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), which provides two routes from the airport to the central city and from Northlake and Ride. This typically costs $3.

The Charlotte International Airport also provides services for travelers to rent a car at reasonable prices. These cars can be booked on arrival or can even be arranged for in advance, online.

Terminals and Concourses of Charlotte International Airport

Charlotte International Airport has one terminal building divided into six entrances. Concourse A has twelve gates and is used by several airlines with the exception of American Airlines. Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Via Air. The presence of nine new gates facilitates the north of this concourse.

Concourse B, with a total of sixteen gates, is mainly occupied and used by American Airlines. American Airlines also use Concourse C, however, it has more gates totaling up to eighteen.

Concourse D is the one used for all the international flight arrivals. It is served by American Airlines and Lufthansa. It has thirteen gates and takes care of all arrivals without customs preclearance.

Concourse E was inaugurated in 2002 and is only in the use of American Eagle flights. It is the most enormous and most functional concourse with thirty-eight gates, controlling the arrival and departure of 330 flights every day.

The busiest routes for Charlotte International Airport are New York, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta. The occupied international courses for this airport are in London, Cancun, and Jamaica.


All in all, Charlotte International Airport is considered a bustling airport. It is agreed on as a prominent and central airport which is always busy. It also entertains domestic and international flights by many airlines. Hence, it will not be a stretch to claim that it is indeed a big airport.

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