How to use offshore software development services

Offshore software development refers to the transfer of work to a third-party. These third parties are usually service providers. An interested party outsources a project or a part of a project to these professional service providers. There are so many services that are outsourced, ranging from offshore website development to mobile development, design, and software development.

Offshore software development means that the headquarter of the company you are operating with is in a country that is distant from your native country. This implies a significant difference in time zones.

Benefits of using offshore software development

It is generally presumed that availing services offshore can be a cumbersome process. But the reality is different. Using software development services offshore has a number of benefits. We will now discuss these benefits.

Reduce the cost of development: as a general rule, companies that provide these services are based in regions with a lower cost of living and reduced fees. This is the reason behind the cost of these services being low. For example, for the services where you pay $25-50/h in Ukraine, you’d have to pay $150-250/h in the US.

Qualified talents: you will be willing to outsource your work to a company that has well-qualified staff. If we compare the quality of technicians in the UK with those in Europe, there won’t be much of a difference. Ukraine generates more than 40K techs annually. This is one of the reasons behind the fact that many large companies from all around the world choose this region to build their headquarters and research and development centers.

Employee training: when you hire an offshore development company to handle your project, you will need not to worry about the employee’s training. These companies have trained their employees to possess a large number of skills, and they have vast knowledge about the field they are working in.

Issues with offshore software development

Slower communication: due to the difference in time, the speed of connection slows down. In fact, where communication is regarding queries or approval of the project, the project would get delayed until the communication is complete. But due to the advanced technology and improvised system, these problems can be easily solved, and communication can be made easy with the help of video calls and tracking online.

Culture gap: this is quite true if the offshore company is from Asia. However, the cultural practices of Europe, Canada, and Australia are much similar to that of the UK. Because of this, it gets easy to manage with people, and the cultural gap does not become a problem.


The use of offshore software development has increased quite a bit in today’s world. Large companies have started to provide these services by opening their headquarters in one region and then operating from there. Whether you are willing to avail of these services or not should be judged by balancing the benefits and the drawbacks. As seen earlier, the issues with these services are not that serious ones as they can be solved quickly.

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