How Do You Not Lose Cards?

Do you have problems in finding your cards, money, or wallet? If you have regular problems with losing card, you should take a look at the This website offers smart wallet that you can use every day. There are more than 3,000 people who are in the waiting list for this revolutionary wallet. This is not a regular wallet that you can find anywhere else.

This wallet comes with its smart and innovative tracking solution. It means that you will never have to lose your wallet and all valuables inside your wallet in the future. Here are some reasons why you should purchase the Wallor wallet now.

a. Worldwide GPS

This wallet is equipped with the latest and most advanced GPS tracking technology. This GPS system can help you track your wallet easily. This technology allows you to locate your Wallor wallet even from another continent. There is no extra charge for using this powerful GPS tracking system.

You can simply connect your wallet with the Wallor app inside your smartphone. The Wallor app has automatic GPS activation. You will receive notifications when your wallet moves to far away from you. It can help you avoid losing your money or wallet again in the future.

b. Visual Tracking System

This is the newest technology that you can find on the Wallor 2.0. This tracking system allows you to find your wallet and valuable items easily. It comes with powerful augmented reality technology. You only need to scan an area with the camera on your phone.

The system will show you the right location where your Wallor wallet is located. Its Wallor app also has smart direction detection. This AR technology can guide you to find your wallet easily and quickly. Its precise and user-friendly technology is suitable for you who want to avoid losing wallet and your valuable items.

c. Beautiful Design

Although this wallet is specially designed to be high-tech product, you should never have to worry about its design. This Wallor wallet comes with beautiful design and super-thin profile. It has ultra-thin GPS system, so your wallet will look sleek and slim.

It also has incredibly thin battery that can support its GPS system for up to 20 days on a single charge. Wallor smart wallet is specially made from nappa leather that has luxurious look. It is durable for long time use. This smart wallet is suitable for you who want to have beautiful wallet with high tech feature.

There are many other incredible features that you can find from Wallor wallet. It is the best time for you to pre-order this wallet now. There are several items that are available in, for example smart cardholder, smart vertical wallet, horizontal wallet, travel wallet, and also complete wallet set.

You can select the best product that is good for your needs. All Wallor wallets are available for worldwide shipping. The shipping process requires about 3 to 28 shipping days depending on your shipping address. All products also come with two years warranty, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of any Wallor wallets.

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