How Do You Get Your Property Management License?

Managing a property can never be done without a CAM license. This is the reason why a lot of organizations have come up to offer great services to enable Community Association Managers to be trained and thereafter issue them licenses. The Community Association Academy online is one of those organizations approved by the State of Florida to serve as a provider of quality education to both board members and CAM. The association offers CAM online courses that are very engaging and educative in order to bring out the best results from the CAM and board members.
The academy has created an online class which is based on self-placement training for prospective CAM as well as board members that have just been newly elected into office. Community Association Academy online offers top-rated CAM Online Courses to get your CAM license in Florida.

The requirements needed to apply for Community Association Manager (CAM) license

1. Age

The age requirement for anybody that wants to get a CAM license must be 18 years and above.

2. Pre – Licensure education

It is expected that anyone that wishes to be issued with a CAM license must successfully carry out a minimum requirement of 18 hours of education from an approved and accredited education provider. This must be carried out within twelve months prior to the examination. The CAM course content includes Law, Insurance, Procedures, Budget and Finances, Management and Maintenance. It cost $229 for the full 12 months duration with unlimited access.

3. Submit an application for CAM license

This is the next step involved in your CAM license process. You can complete this application online and it does not matter whether you are currently residing outside Florida. This is because, in the course of the application, you will not be asked for Florida residency. However, it will be a great idea if you relocate to Florida. It cost $223.50 and the payment is to be made to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

4. Fingerprints

Before an applicant is issued with a CAM license, a background check will have to be carried out and this is to ensure that he is of sound character to be issued such certificate. It cost $53.50 to have your fingerprints taken and the payment is made to the PearsonVUE.

5. Examination

The next step is to apply for the examination and this has to be carried out within one year of approval. Once you fail the examination, you can also apply for a reexamination through the Community Association Academy. Once you submit your CAM course completion certificate, you will be delayed for 10 – 30 days. The delay is to enable the DBPR to access your application and once they approve it, you will be sent an authorization email from PearsonVue. The email will contain your candidate number. After this, you are meant to visit the PearsonVue official website or call their official number to book an appointment. The exam usually lasts for 3 hours and a total of 100 questions need to be answered. To be successful, you have to get a passing score of 75%.

So, basically, these are the steps that you need to take in other to have your CAM license and become a registered Property Manager in Florida.

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