Common Mistakes That Will Make People Unfollow You on Twitter

Whenever you are on social media, your followers are your encouragement. The greater number of people who follow you is, the more you will appreciate working for them. But once you start losing your followers, it disappoints you a lot. However, remember it is just a microblogging site where billions of people are working in their own way. It’s not real-life, so do not allow it to hurt you so deeply. Nobody wants to lose their followers. If you are already losing some of your followers, then you should keep an eye on the reasons that can lead your followers to unfollow you. Following are a few factors that can be the reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter.

Posting a lot

Sometimes social media becomes an addiction for its users. People keep on posting here. They do not realize that it may irritate other people. People like quality content, not the quantity of content. If you post a lot, they will not be curious about your content anymore and will stop showing engagement on your posts, and finally, this can lead people to unfollow you. If you want to keep your followers active, do not post more than twice a day.

Not following back

If you are just trying to increase your followers and are not paying back to them, it can make them unfollow you. Other people also love engagement on their posts. If you cannot show it to them, you will not get much importance from them. But remember not to surround yourself with a lot of irrelevant people for followers, which will then make it difficult for you to filter out the right people whom you want to engage.

No interaction

If you have thousands of followers and your posts are also coming to them regularly, but you are not interacting with the people, then they will unfollow you. You should communicate with your followers, you should be replying to their comments, asking for suggestions from them, asking them what sort of content they want from you, and then you should work according to their expectations. You should also go live with them, this way you improve the conversation with them.

Content with no information

Every person on social media is basically looking there for some content of his interest, some are looking for education, some for entertainment, others may look for lifestyle. If someone finds an account delivering content of his interest, he follows that account. So having a purpose is very important for your growth on social media. If you do not deliver any sort of information, then people will unfollow you.

Not having organic followers

People can unfollow you if you do not have organic followers, or you have bought your followers. People having any know-how of social media can easily come to know that if a person has low likes number and has many followers, then he must have bought those followers. This lowers the value of your account and people start unfollowing you. So, if you want people not to unfollow you, you should clean up Twitter followers of yours.

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