Can a Private Investigator Enter Private Property?

It is usual for one to always need knowing the right things which a private investigator can do and those which he/she is not allowed to do. The private investigator has been believed to mean a police officer that is fully licensed in that, he/she is eligible to do things which are prohibited from being done by the police officers. However, that is not the case since like police, the private investigator Australia is licensed and can perform limited duties.

A question on whether a private investigator can enter the private property, the answer is no because they are prohibited from opening without the owners’ consent. However, when they are approved of entering the property by the owners, then they will be free to enter. Below are some things which private Investigators can’t do to their own will among which is entering private properties.

1. Private Investigators Cannot Trespass onto Private Property

When hiring the private investigator, never expect them to break in people’s private property. They should be permitted by owners for them to enter those properties. The private investigator is not allowed to open people’s messages, and emails then read the content. Those are private properties, and the investigator will be trespassing, and if found, they can be prosecuted in some states.

2. Private Investigator Cannot Wiretap the Phone Without the Consent

Wiretapping the phone can be done by the investigator when they are allowed by both owners only. Some states agree the investigator have consent from one of the individual while others need strictly from all of them.

3. Private Investigators Cannot Record Private Conversation

Apart from wiretapping, private investigators are not allowed to record any individual information if the involved parties are not aware of that. The private investigator can’t be hired for bugging the conference room of your business rival.

4. Private Investigators Cannot Access to Protected Information

People have a misconception of the PI hacking government servers. Despite them knowing how to track information down, they still can get certain limits only. They can never obtain any protected information from federal law or the state. They also can never obtain bank account details of anyone, but they can decide to track down the bank names of the investigated people.

5. The Private Investigators Cannot Make Arrests

The PI can work onto investigation and get the criminal or the fugitive. However, the investigators don’t possess the powers for arresting the tracked fugitives or criminals. When the private investigator, yet, witnesses people committing a crime, they are allowed to make citizen’s arrest like intervening in most states.

6. Private Investigators Do Run the License Plate

The private investigators are legally allowed to run the license plate. However, they still have limits concerning running the plates. There must be legal justifications provided to the private investigators before they can run that license plate.

The myths and beliefs of people assuming that private investigators Australia are allowed to do anything, including entering people’s private property without their consent, it is very wrong. It should be noted that they are licensed and like other licenses, they have procedure and rules to follow.

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